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Clinically integrated melanoma prevention, early diagnosis, treatment, care and patient support are finally here!

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Melanoma primarily affect the skin, but, like many neoplasms, both benign and malignant, melanoma may present itself in many guises such as in the eye (ocular and periocular melanoma), skin (cutaneous melanoma), internally (mucosal melanoma), hands or feet (acral melanoma), fingernail or toenail unit (subungual melanoma), etc. Skin cancer is the most common cancer in Nebraska. Because Nebraskans work outdoors in the farm and ranch businesses, sun exposure may be excessive, especially if protective measures are not taken. Over a lifetime, pre-neoplastic conditions (actinic keratoses, lentigo maligna) and cancers of the skin may occur in sun damaged parts of the body. Cancers of the skin (melanoma, mycosis fungoides, Kaposi's sarcoma, Merkel cell carcinoma) may be life threatening. A very worrisome trend is the incidence of malignant melanoma increasing markedly across the United States, including Nebraska. Merkel cell carcinoma incidence is also increasing. NEBRASKA MELANOMA CENTER ® only partners and collaborates with institutions and other caregivers who are "additive" to the quality and safety of your care.

Death by melanoma is preventable if you heed the warning signs!

NEBRASKA MELANOMA CENTER ® currently has its home office and "place of service" in North Platte. However, to provide convenient access for Nebraskans to NEBRASKA MELANOMA CENTER ® services, it is the intention of NEBRASKA MELANOMA CENTER ® to offer "outreach" presence on-site or through NEBRASKA MELANOMA CENTER ®'s affiliation with TELANOMA ®, to many Nebraska communities in the Pathology Services, P.C. network. Skin cancer does not care where it occurs, but we do! Melanoma and skin cancer affect all Nebraskans and NEBRASKA MELANOMA CENTER ® serves all Nebraskans. Skin cancer does not care where it occurs, but we do!


NEBRASKA MELANOMA CENTER ® is a public-private effort, with collaborating healthcare providers, related to educating Nebraskans about proper skin care as well as the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions, especially benign skin growths and skin cancers. NEBRASKA MELANOMA CENTER ®'s products and services "center" on our committment to patients by enabling primary healthcare providers to make better medical decisions to improve and save skin cancer "at risk" patient's lives. Ongoing national research furthers our efforts to continually improve skin disease diagnosis and treatment for Nebraskans.


NEBRASKA MELANOMA CENTER® 's mission is to decrease the incidence of melanoma, increase life expectancy, reduce melanoma morbidity, decrease premature mortality (years of potential life lost and premature mortality rate) through its efforts to modify individual behavior: (1) sun protection to decrease UV light exposure (protective clothing and eyewear, time of day, sun blocks, duration of UV exposure, avoidance of tanning booths), (2) perform periodic skin self-surveillance and self-evaluations and (3) integrating preventive and interventional skin cancer care into the realm of primary healthcare providers. When you are a patient at NEBRASKA MELANOMA CENTER ®, you enter a clinically integrated health care network with access to primary and specialty care. Specialists include surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists and nurses who work together in an integrated, coordinated and cooperative manner to determine, then recommend specific personalized treatments for you.

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If you undergo a skin biopsy, the skin specimen may be sent to NEBRASKA MELANOMA CENTER ® and its affiliate, Pathology Services, P.C. for processing, evaluation, diagnosis, and inclusion in its database. Having your skin biopsy specimen(s) sent to Pathology Services, PC. is not required to avail yourself of the resources of NEBRASKA MELANOMA CENTER ®. If your healthcare provider sends your skin biopsy specimen elsewhere, NEBRASKA MELANOMA CENTER ® would appreciate a copy of your pathology report to include its diagnosis in its Nebraska cancer registry.


Nebraskans may contact Healthy Nebraska, Inc. to request additional information about skin care and skin diseases as well as obtain an appointment for skin cancer screening by licensed healthcare professionals in our NEBRASKA MELANOMA CENTER ® network in Nebraska. Ask us about our Remote Second Opinion (RSO) service for melanoma and skin cancer. Distance should not keep you from the skin cancer care you deserve!!


For information or to send biopsies to us, contact

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